For God and Country – One Woman’s Patriotic journey

for God and country
Anastasia with 2MBTDC (right) and Tracie with the Liberty Belles of America (left)

Washington, D.C. – What began as a protest over Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration soon became a life experience  that deepened the journey of faith for Anastasia Jacoby.

The Spirit of 2014 – Beginning of Four Days Standing in the cold

When she first arrived in the nation’s capitol, Anastasia was disheartened at the small number of people. Only 11-12 patriots stood together at the Spirit of 2014 protest when she arrived. With just the Liberty Belles of America, Manny Vega, and Blaine Cooper, and a tiny handful of others, it seemed like they were alone. She had seen thousands and thousands of people in special rides with the 2MBTDC to DC in the past. What was the difference?

“How many Americans really understand the significance…the repercussions of what Obama did when he signed that order? They simply don’t seem to catch what that really means. By Obama taking the actions of a dictator, I can almost hear the blood of patriots cry out from the ground.”

Anastasia said she felt like a “blanket of hopelessness” has descended on America. The team was worried about their safety and inked their names and phone numbers onto their arms so that they could be identified by authorities in case of a disaster. Why go to such lengths? As an American Mom- a military Mom, she felt a responsibility to her children and her grandchildren.

“I would have thought Americans would have been encouraged by the election results, but there’s a complacency that I see across the country that worries me. I don’t see the perseverance anymore that built this nation.”

“Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possession and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.” Acts 2:44

No longer “going through the motions” 

Anastasia was soon to learn the meaning of the word ‘perseverance’ as she began to experience a near-miraculous transformation of her deepening love for America. She had raised 7 children, but the lessons from the protest in DC soon became nearly as important as those from her time as a Mom.

“I spent 4 days with the patriots in D.C. and it was a very spiritual experience. We lived together, we prayed together. And though we don’t all have the same expression of our faith, we really loved one another. We shared what we had with those who needed it. One lady had no footwear, so I gave her a pair of good boots. One man quit his job to come and stand with us, as did Manny and Blaine. We shared a bowl of food because we didn’t have enough bowls or utensils. One woman from Florida shared everything with us. It was about taking care of each other, loving one another. So much happened that I haven’t processed it yet.”

What is the answer?

Anastasia began to wonder about her experience. How could the patriots guide the people back to the founding principles of America? As she thought, her own heart broke for the nation she loves so much. When the “dreamers” outnumbered them and their voices drowned out the voices of Americans, she said they continued to stand their ground and refused to be intimidated. But there were times when she felt abandoned by her country. Still, the answer eluded her…until…

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

“I was part of the patriot movement when it first started. We did things the world’s way instead of seeking God’s path for us. But I am coming to the conclusion that we can’t claim God’s blessings if we are living our lives according to worldly principles. Our nation was founded at a time of need. Our founding Fathers sacrificed greatly for our freedom. Americans need to decide where to prioritize their “treasure.”

Is it in our own way, or will we make a choice for God and our country? There seem to be no more absolutes in America- we have failed to live up to His ways and his principles. Labels have divided us, and we no longer love the Lord our God with all our hearts. We need repentance, we need fresh hearts for God. When we do that, God will hear our prayers.”

The team in DC has been obtaining favor from both police and some groups visiting the capitol. Anastasia plans to return to Washington D.C. soon. And she invites all Americans, whether you are  Catholic, Protestant, Black, White,or  Jewish, to come and stand with them.

“We’ve forgotten what it’s like to be Americans. God doesn’t need big numbers, He just needs faithful people.”

“Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens.” Daniel Webster 1782-1852



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